Mini Course

Create Your Signature Event
(September 2020)

Ready to grow your partnership portfolio? Together, we'll ensure that you build your business on a solid foundation as you incorporate events into your business.

Before you begin to aquire partnerships, you want to prepare yourself so that you have a plan for designing your partnership portfolio, increasing your audience engagement, and generating revenue from your events.

This 5-week mini course is for Founders who are looking to create or revamp their signature event so that they can position themselves in front of their prospective partners.

September 7, 2020
8:15am Mountain Time

Course Details

Learn to create or revamp your signature event so that you can position yourself in front of your prospective partners. This course walks you through 5 key elements to help you go from self-funding your own events to securing quality partnerships. A strategy that will not only bring your vision to life, but help you make significant impact in the lives of those you're called to lead.


Self-Care for Founders (Ebook) | $27

Nonprofit Business Plan ($47)

Grow Your Partnership Portfolio (Class) | $97

Lifetime Access (priceless)

The Topics

Phase 1 | Articulating The Story Behind Your Vision

Phase 2 | How to Select the Proper Event Type

Phase 3 | The Keys to Effective Team Delegation

Phase 4 | Operating Budget Modification: Know the Story Behind Your Numbers

Phase 5 | Establish Your Prospect Partner List

A. Margot Blair

A. Margot Blair is a business strategist, a University Adjunct Professor, and curator of Event Partnership Academy. A. Margot has studied the psychology behind collaboration which has allowed her to partner and work with clients including organizations such as The Obama Foundation, Black Enterprise in addition to employees of LinkedIn, Dallas Mavericks, ADP, Toyota, Prudential, and more. As well, A. Margot Blair contributed for Forbes Business Coaches Council.

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